Moving at maximum velocity 2021 new projects crazy adventures and of course LOADS of animal content !
Working through a global pandemic is a blessing to be able to still use our voice in conservation and animal education efforts !
It’s a honor to partner with @drinkarizona in a great time to be alive !
Have an iced day and enjoy this part 2 of 4 segment !

жүктөп алуу


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  • Mermaid Is at "8:03" underneath the turtle real or fake who knows .

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  • yo can you work with the camera person? it was hard to watch! love the vid tho

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  • Bro u the shit ..Because of u I've grown a deeper love for animals keep up the good work..and u make me want to learn how to swim

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  • the camera man is horrible

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  • These idiots In the comments didn’t know your title was talking about sea otters 🦦 🤦🏾‍♂️🤣🤣🤣

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  • It would maybe be wise that you should not walk around barefoot in strange or exotic locations.

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  • S/I to anybody who actually expected a mermaid siting for the first time on this channel 😭

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    • This was the first video I watch an forgot all about the 🧜‍♀️....this was great click bait cause now I’m watching all his uploads

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  • What happend to the mermaid

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  • Yes indeed I kept saying who does this guy remind me of. Hadji on Johnny Quest. I love watching that cartoon.

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  • why the catfish?

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  • Top 10 KGfilmr! First Black Animal Expert I've seen too... Great to see the world is getting more diverse.

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  • Excuse me Mike but we do not have Seals in the Galápagos Islands, they are Galápagos Sea Lions.

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  • Now I wanna go swimming! But the water is still too cold here in Alabama. 🤘😁 Those seal pups and iguanas running around are the cutest things I've ever seen 😍 I would want to hug them. Lol

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  • U going hard in the paint with these KGfilm drops all threw out the week keep busy have fun enjoy your life and hobby with these animals/kids #wildlifelivesmatter

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  • I was chewing on a cold pizza then he started showing us dead iguanas “skeleton iguanas and decomposing iguanas” 🤢🤢🍕 @5:00

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  • That place is alive. So many animals 💛

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    • Shut the fuck up

  • My mom said it not real the mermaid

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    • Kids watch these videos

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  • Nothing better than a swim in the open ocean 💙🌊🙌 Thank-you for the upload ....sea lions are so lovely and fun👏one day maybe I'll swim with them too🙏🙏

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